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Why Pray for Yemen?

Believing that every person is created in God's image and has need of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, this website is provided to inform you of a united prayer effort on behalf of the peoples of the Yemen Republic. Some people don't know where Yemen is Click here to findout.

Although this site focuses on six people groups in or from Yemen, our desire is that the praying world will become aware of the 20 plus million people making up the peoples of Yemen and in the process of learning more about them, will be drawn into intercessory prayer on their behalf. The major people groups identified include:

     The Northern Yemenis,
     The Southern Yemenis,
     The Tihamis,
     The Hadramis,
     The Mahris, and
     The Socotris.

Each group has a link giving you specific information about that group. We invite you to access these pages in order that you may learn more about these people and their needs. Other groups which desire your prayers include the Mahara of Yemen, and the Socotri People of Yemen. Although the vast focus of this site is around people living in Yemen there are Yemenis living Around the World including Europe and America. The largest group of them would be the Yemenis of Saudi Arabia. We hope to provide information about these groups at a later time. Our prayer is that as you read about these fascinating people, God will draw you into specific intercession on their behalf. March is an international Month of Prayer for Yemeni people.

May God Himself, enlighten you about these wonderful people of Yemen and put a special burden in your hearts for them as you intercede on their behalf.

Keep up with what is going on in Yemen by checking out our Current Events / News page or Sign up to get free news updates sent to your e-mail. Pray for Yemen's new president.

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