Young Boys on the Streets of Taiz

"After this I will pour out my Spirit on all humanity, then your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your old men will have dreams and your young men will see visions. I will even pour out my Spirit on the male and female slaves in those days."
Joel 2:28-29


God of wonders, we pray for the young men of Yemen. We ask that you would give them visions from your Spirit to replace the visions of violence and devastation that they have seen. We pray that you would pour out your Spirit and so raise up men of righteousness and justice. Protect them from the lies and enticements of all the factions vying to abuse and exploit them. Call out from the youth young men who will be conformed into your perfect image so that all might see and know your worth, your strength, and your sacrificial love. May they receive every blessing from your gracious hand. Amen.